How to find the affordable apartment of your dream in Canada?

The housing market keeps rising everyday! It never goes down!

A lot of people are looking for new apartments to start a new life but it can be difficult at times.
From my experience, the main difficulties that I encountered are the neighborhood, the condition of the apartment and its price.
After a long day of work, when we get home, we want peace; we need peace to rejuvenate for the next day.

It is hard to have peace if we keep hearing the neighbors scream, swear and play music loud. This is where the location of the building comes at stake.

Make sure to start your search months before moving in. Do not make the same mistake as me; I used to wait at the last minute to get whatever is available left. This bad habit made me live in the worse areas.
Start your apartment search many months in advance to avoid unexpected surprises.

A In second position, the condition of the building is very important. Make sure it is a new apartment building if you don’t want to hear too much floor squeaking , people having sex from the other rooms or many other undesirable noise…

Of course, what comes along with the area and condition of the apartment is its pricing. This is why I insist that you search for it months in advance to avoid the worse!
When you start your search in advance, you may dig into facebook marketplace, craigslist or Kijiji which are top known classified marketplaces. After choosing the best offers, contact the landlords to schedule visits .
If you follow this steps, you will have more room to choose and make the best choice according to your needs.
I also like to post my wanted ads in facebook groups of apartments for rents within which I specify what I am looking for.
People with a  good credit find a new home faster contrarily to those still working on their credit score, it is harder. However, if you follow my rules, you will never be deceived in finding your dream home!
Good Luck

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